XLPE Copper Control Cables


Copper Control Cables (armoured/unarmoured) – We are engaged in offering quality tested range of XLPE Copper Control Cables, widely used in electrical operation in most of the industries. These are actually a two semi-conductive layers on high voltage cable, which are known as cross linked polyethylene. In this, one of the insulation is between the actual conductors and the XLPE and the other semi-con is on outside of the XLPE insulation underneath the concentric neutral. These are majorly used underground as well as overhead transmission of power to the control panels in power plants, industries, projects and all the electrical installations. The insulation is providedwith quality XLPE and the sheath can be PVC, HR PVC, FRLS, FR or HR-FRLS depending upon the application.


RANGE – 1.5Sqmm – 4Sqmm up to 61 core

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