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The requirement of cables has been increasing day by day. Due to the numerous cable manufacturers in India, the general people are at their wits end to decide which ‘brand’ reflects the quality & performance of cables. Therefore, in order to invent a brand name that the mass can trust upon, we have introduced the dependability called “HIND CABLES”.

  1. LT POWER CABLES (XLPE)(armoured/unarmoured) – single core up to 1000Sqmm & multicore up to 630Sqmm.
  2. LT POWER CABLES (PVC)(armoured/unarmoured)- Single core up to 1000Sqmm & multicore up to 630Sqmm.
  3. Copper control cables(armoured/unarmoured) – 1.5Sqmm – 4Sqmm up to 61 core
  4. Flexible copper single core & multicore – single core up to 400Sqmm, & multicore up to 185Sqmm
  5. House wires (FR/FRLS) – up to 16Sqmm.
  6. DC copper flexible cable – 1Sqmm to 70Sqmm
  7. Submersible cables (Waterproof & Weatherproof) – up to 185Sqmm.
  8. Screened & Unscreened instrumentation data cables – all sizes as per customer’s requirement.
  9. Telecommunication cables – up to 100 pairs – (armoured/unarmoured)
  10. Coaxial cables – all required sizes.
  11. Teflon coated high temp. Cables&fiber glass wires – all required sizes.
  12. Networking cables.
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