Distribution Boards



Whether you need small, wall-mounted or floor mounted distribution boards – with our HIND distribution systems you are sure of getting a well thought out system that is fully coordinated in technology and design. All HIND distribution boards offer highly reliable quality and safety meeting the regional standards.

HIND sheet steel distribution boards have been designed keeping in mind the interior décor of modern day house, commercial and industrial applications. It ensures convenience and ease of installation and operation.

The enclosures are fabricated out of best quality CRCA steel sheet for better strength and finish. The Distribution Boards are supplied duly filled with din channel, neutral link, bus bars and earth bars.

High quality semi-glossy powder paint is sprayed and baked at high temperature. Before this process the housings go through rigorous anti-rust conditioning in seven tank process to ensure smooth and lasting finish and protection against corrosive atmosphere.


    1. 4 way
    2. 6 way
    3. 8 way
    4. 12 way
    5. 16 way


  1. 4 way
  2. 6 way
  3. 8 way
  4. 12 way


  1. Aesthetically superior DBs to suit the style of your home décor.
  2. Choice of multiple incomers MCB, Isolator, MCB + RCCB, changeover + RCCB, Isolator + RCCB.
  3. When per phase isolation DBs is in use, only that phase where the earth leakage faults exists gets isolated.
  4. Complete range of DBs with detachable gland plates at the top and bottom with knockouts on the sides of DB to increase the flexibility of cables/conduit entry from all the directions.
  5. Ready to use DBs that are supplied with neutral links, earth links, busbar and inter connecting wire links.



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